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I've been designing for 6 years for various events, companies and businesses. I take pride it getting things right, going above and beyond the call to get things done and on time.

An experienced Graphic Designer with a demonstrated history of working in the graphic design industry. Skilled in Graphics, Logo Design, Vectors, Multimedia, Page Layout, and Typography for various Media types and Formats. Strong arts and design professional with a Bachelor’s Degree focused in Digital Multimedia Production from Bournemouth University. 

I look forward to work with you. 

Stuart "Gandhi" Piper

BA Hons (Digital Multimedia Production)

About Me

Here's some of the ways I can help:

  • Graphic Design for anything

  • Vector Graphic Design

  • Event promotional Graphics: Flyer, Posters, Maps & Programmes

  • Branding: Logo, Adverts & Social Media

  • Websites

A helping hand for your event, brand or business

Gandhi Design is about helping your business create compelling design which communicates clearly.

Whether you're after a logo, Multimedia presentation or printed brochure I make sure your brand, target audience and goals are taken into consideration. The added analysis to a brief can reap rewards.

And my ethos is to create a transparent and honest service which is easy to understand and puts clarity in mind. This carries across with my design

Why choose me?

  • Design, Branding and Marketing knowledge. All the right ingredients to help your business grow at freelance prices (not agency rates).

  • You will have direct contact with me. Avoid the agency middleman - Nothing will get lost in translation and projects will run smoother.


  • You'll use me on a casual basis so no PAYE, holidays or NI (saving you time and money).


  • You'll get me. There's only one Gandhi Design!

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